Impaired Drivers- Good News, Bad News!

Counterattack season is in full swing! Officers report it is difficult to find an impaired driver.

Thursday, December 11th, there were no drivers arrested or prohibited at the roadside! There were not even any roadside tests conducted. There were reports of a huge number of taxis and many designated drivers.

Saturday, December 9th, there were no arrests, prohibitions or any roadside tests conducted.

However Impaired drivers are still being arrested by Patrol and Traffic Safety Unit officers. Here are some recent examples:

December 9th, at about 10:30pm a motorist reported a car ‘all over the road’. It was then seen to strike the curb and drive on rims up Elk Lake drive. When approached the driver actually said: ‘I should not be driving because I have been drinking.’ Arrested was a 56 year old, male Saanich resident. Breath samples taken were more than twice the legal limit.

December 10th, at about 9:30pm, a motorist was reported stuck in the ditch on Carey rd at Roy rd. The driver was seen to be unsuccessfully trying to drive out of the ditch. Officers arrived and found the driver had been drinking. A 63 year old Saanich, female resident was arrested for impaired driving. Breath samples taken were well over the legal limit.

December 11th, at about 10:30pm, a motorist was reported to be possibly impaired by beer and wine store staff. The plate was obtained and officers intercepted the motorist at his residence. The driver tried to blame another family member, but when investigated, it was found that that family member was not even home or around at the time. Arrested was a 51 year old, male Saanich resident. Breath samples revealed more than twice the legal limit.



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