Elderly Gentleman Reunited With Family

The Saanich Police would like to thank the public and the media for helping reunite an elderly Chinese gentleman with his family last evening.

At about 2pm yesterday, the Saanich Police were contacted by a concerned resident about the wandering senior. The gentleman was found wandering in the area of Cordova Bay rd at Blenkinsop rd.

Communication was made difficult given that the man was from China. Some neighbours in the area tried to help, but the specific dialect was found to be unusual.

Investigators managed to learn that he was from the Shanghai area and he was here visiting his son and daughter in-law. They owned a construction company, but he did not know the name.

The Patrol Sergeant then spent a lengthy amount of time driving the streets in the Mt. Douglas and Cordova Bay neighbourhoods trying to find something familiar for the senior.

As the dinner hour approached, a request was made to publicize a photo and description of the senior to try and get him home. Meanwhile, the Sergeant and the lost senior went to enjoy a cup of geen tea at a local restaurant.

Almost immediately after the publicity began, a family member contacted the Saanich Police headquarters. The senior was reunited with a request that he be provided with the name, address and phone number of family members for future walk-abouts.




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