Thieves at Work

Saanich Police are investigating multiple theft from auto complaints which occurred overnight Sunday, January 16th.  Complaints were centered around two locations in the municipality.

At least five reports of thefts were received from residents on Maywood road, Tolmie ave and Bellevue road. In addition, Victoria Police had reports of similar thefts south of Tolmie ave.

At least three other reports were reported in the area of Heath drive, Vincent ave and Tillicum road.

Items taken include electronics and personal identification. Once again, officers are investigating the theft of wallets and purses left in vehicles.  It is suspected that many more have gone unnoticed or unreported in the area.

Residents are reminded to not leave anything of value inside your vehicle. Something as simple as a collection of returnable tins or bottles can attract attention to your vehicle.

The theft of a wallet or purse with personal identification inside can lead to issues of identity theft.  With the right identification, thieves can obtain credit in your name from places like department stores and online retailers which may not be noticed till much later.

If anybody has information on who may be doing these crimes please contact the Saanich Police Department.



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