Experienced Police Officers (Within Canada)

The process involves the submission of a detailed resume along with a descriptive covering letter. The Staff Development Section is continually looking at ways to “Go Green” – therefore, we would appreciate all correspondence, including your covering letter and resume to be sent electronically to our recruiting sergeant. It’s important to clearly state your reasons for applying to the Saanich Police.  The selection process is a competitive process for experienced police officers, so it is recommended that every applicant research the Saanich Police and the Municipality that we serve.

Applicants who are currently serving with another Canadian Police Force may apply as an Exemption Candidate.To begin the application process the candidate must meet the minimum standards and should submit electronically:

  • A covering letter;


  • A current colour passport photo (scanned);


  • A formal resume outlining their Education, Work experience, References, and Personal data;


  • Copies of any training courses completed with home department;


  • Two letters of reference:

    (i) One from a serving police officer commenting on your abilities;

    (ii) The second letter can be from another police officer or a person in your community; and


  • A recent performance appraisal.

Once it has been determined that candidates meet the minimum requirements a recruiting file will be established and the candidate will be contacted by the recruiting office.


Application Process

  1. Any Candidate who is not already serving on a Municipal Police Force in the Province of British Columbia will be required to write the Police Exemption Examination as set by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. The exam is two hours long and comprised of multiple choice questions on a variety of police topics including: Legal Studies, Professional Patrol Tactics, Firearms and Provincial Traffic Enforcement Regulations. A study manual will be provided by the Saanich Police Staff Development Section. Candidates will be required to attain a 70% pass mark on the Exemption Exam.


  2. Candidates will be required to complete the P.O.P.A.T.(pdf 65kb) (Police Officers Physical Abilities Test) in a maximum of four minutes and fifteen seconds.


  3. Candidates will be interviewed by the Staff Development Sergeant.


  4. Candidates will be required to complete a Polygraph Test.


  5. The candidate will be interviewed by a Staff Development panel.


  6. If the Candidate is still in the hiring process at this point, the Staff Dev elopement Section will apply to the Attorney General’s Department for exemption or partial exemption of the officer from training at the Justice Institute of BC.


  7. Reference and background investigations will be conducted on the candidate. These investigations may explore sensitive or confidential aspects of the candidates personal life.


  8. Upon the recommendation of the Staff Development Division, candidates will be interviewed by the Chief or Deputy Chief Constable.


  9. Recommendations of the Chief Constable and the Staff Dev elopement Inspector will be considered for approval by the Police Board.


  10. A medical examination of the candidate will be conducted prior to appointment, by a licensed physician as selected by the department.

NOTE:  The application process may be discontinued at any stage if the applicant is found to be unsuitable.

The selection process for the position of a Police Constable is quite competitive, as we continually strive to identify the best suited applicants to join our team. If you are ready to enter our selection process, and meet or exceed all of our minimum standards, as outlined on our website, please submit a covering letter and resume in MS WORD or PDF format by accessing  the “Apply Now” link on our website and a member of the Staff Development Section will reply to you promptly.


For further information, please contact:
Saanich Police Department
Staff Development Division
760 Vernon Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8X 2W6
[email protected]
Tel: 250-475-4321
Fax: 250-475-6153


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