Visa Traveler Cheque Fraud

The Saanich Police Financial Crimes Section is currently investigating the circulation of multiple counterfeit VISA Traveler’s Cheques. The fraudulent traveler’s cheques come in US $100 denominations. Discerning merchants will be able to identify the phony cheques as they are not of high quality and have none of the security features found on genuine traveler’s cheques. This particular series of VISA traveler’s cheques all carry the same first ten digits in the serial number: 157 2178 007 XXX. 

If you suspect that someone is attempting to cash a fraudulent traveler’s cheque or any counterfeit currency – call 911, as this is considered a crime in progress. If you are cashing a traveler's cheque, always take your time and examine it carefully before completing the transaction. If you believe that it is fraudulent, try to retain the counterfeit cheque for evidence, unless you feel that by doing so you will be putting yourself or others at risk.

If you live in Saanich or have a business in Saanich, and would like to learn more about how to identify counterfeit bills, please contact our crime prevention officer – Cst. Brad Brajcich at 475-4346.   



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