Phone Prize Scam

In this situation you will receive a pre-recorded phone call and the message will advise that you have won a financial prize, trip, or some other prize. The recorded voice will then ask you to dial “9” or “0” for instructions on how to collect your prize. As soon as you dial “9” or “0” you will be put on hold and asked to wait to speak to a representative (or words to that effect).

Originally we were told that dialing 9 activated a toll on your phone account but this is not the case. You may however be asked for your credit card information or other personal information and this is where the potential probelms may arise. We do not recommend that you give any personal or financial information out. Our recommendation is that if you get a call like this – do not dial any number or provide any information. Hang up immediately.

Beware of any unsolicited phonecalls that ask you for personal information or advise you that you have won a prize.

If you have any questions about a phone scam call PhoneBusters at

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