Family Protection Unit

The SPD Family Protection Unit (FPU) is comprised of four constables and one sergeant within the Detective Division.

Members of the FPU are specially trained in conducting risk/threat assessments, safety planning and child sexual and physical abuse investigations.  This expertise enables the FPU to provide consultation, assistance and sharing of best practices to other police officers and service providers in the area of relationship violence, child abuse and family protection.

The sergeant in charge of the FPU is responsible for reviewing and assessing all incidents of relationship violence and determining the need for investigative follow-up while ensuring files are properly resourced, managed and monitored.  The sergeant works closely with our Family Counsellor by discussing cases and initiating referrals in order to provide support, protection and assistance to those affected by relationship violence.   The sergeant is Saanich Police’s representative on the Violence Against Women in Relationships Board (VAWIR) and brings forward any issues or current and relevant information regarding relationship violence.

The primary mandate of the four constables of the FPU is to investigate all cases of present and historical child sexual and physical abuse.  Since the creation of this team over 20 years ago, the four constables of the FPU provide subject matter expertise in the area of child abuse and child protection within and outside of the family setting.

Members of the FPU work closely with community agencies including MCF, Community Corrections, Crown Counsel and Victim Services.  The FPU work collaboratively with other police departments including the Regional Domestic Violence Unit.  This holistic approach makes it possible for the FPU to ensure all incidents of violence in relationships and violence against children are thoroughly investigated, that victims are supported and offenders are held accountable.

In keeping with SPD’s dedication to providing the best possible service, the FPU plays an integral part in our commitment to keeping Saanich and its families safe.

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