Patrol Section

There are four SPD  patrol platoons that provide immediate response 24 hours per day seven days a week. Each platoon works rotating shifts, 12 hours in length, for two days, followed by two nights. Each platoon is headed by a Staff Sergeant and comprised of two Sergeants (Road Supervisors) and up to 14 constables.

Saanich is divided into four zones: East, West, Centre and North. Officers are assigned to a zone for extended periods of time in order to get familiar with the residents, geography and neighbourhood problems.

Most officers will spend their first 3 to 5 years on patrol before moving on to specialized sections. There is a saying, however, that everything leads back to patrol, meaning that most officers come back to patrol after assignments in other sections. This provides a constant flow of personnel throughout the department and it gives a chance for everyone to learn and train in different assignments.

The patrol section also provides support to other Divisions of the Saanich Police.

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