PSO – Complaint Process

The SPD is committed to the open, transparent and professional handling of complaints alleged against members of our organization. There are several ways for members of the public to raise concerns surrounding the conduct of a member of the Saanich Police Department. Our front desk service area has the necessary forms and brochures from the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) and a member of our staff will assist you should you require assistance or advice.

The SPD Professional Standards Division has two investigators available to receive complaints and can be contacted in person or spoken with over the phone. Members of the public may also make complaints directly to the OPCC by submitting completed forms to their attention. A more detailed explanation of the process can be found by visiting the OPCC web site.

If your inquiry relates to a question or concern rather than a formal complaint, a supervisor will be happy to speak with you and provide information or clarification as appropriate. This can be done in person, or over the phone through our non-emergency line: 250-475-4321. Please ask to speak with the on-duty Watch Commander. If you prefer to submit your question or concern in writing, a form is available to download which you may forward to the Professional Standards Division via email at [email protected] for a response.

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