Chief Constable Presents Commendations

On January 3, 2011 James Dillon and his wife, Mara Dillon were out for a walk along Tyndall Avenue when suddenly Mr. Dillon collapsed on the sidewalk.  Ross King, who happened to be driving past, saw Mr. Dillon fall and stopped his car to assist.  Mr. King called 911 and alerted, Andrew Faunt and Laura Sinclair, who were passing by.

Andrew Faunt and Laura Sinclair ran over to Mr. Dillon, turned him on his back and made sure his airway was open and his head was secure.  Mr. Faunt took his jacket off and placed it under Mr. Dillon’s head for further support.

Michael Boutilier and his son, Michael Patrick Boutilier, were driving by and also observed Mr. Dillon on the ground.  Michael Boutilier is a retired fire fighter and immediately noted that Mr. Dillon was in complete distress.  Mr. Boutilier and his son proceeded over to Mr. Dillon and began CPR.  Michael Boutilier conducted chest compressions while attempting to speak with Mr. Dillon. He continued chest compressions for approximately five minutes until the Saanich Fire Department arrived.

Prior to the Saanich Fire Department arriving, Julie Schroeder, was driving by and observed numerous people providing assistance to Mr. Dillon.  Ms. Schroeder retrieved a blanket from her car and placed it over Mr. Dillon to keep him warm.  Ms. Schroeder then provided support and attempted to calm Mrs. Dillon.

Saanich Fire Department advised that Mr. Dillon had no pulse when they had arrived and that the actions of the civilians most likely saved Mr. Dillon’s life and made it easier for the Saanich Fire Department to resuscitate and restart Mr. Dillon’s heart.

A week later, Mrs. Dillon advised that her husband had come out of an induced coma and was in intensive care awaiting a triple bypass surgery.  Mrs. Dillon expressed her appreciation of all the actions of those involved that helped saved her husband’s life on January 3, 2011.

For their outstanding service and valuable assistance to the Saanich Police, Ross King, Andrew Faunt, Laura Sinclair, Michael Boutilier Sr., Michael Boutilier Jr, and Julie Schroeder are awarded the Chief Constable’s Certificate of Recognition-Citizen Award.


(Chief Constable Chadwick)

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