Dancing in the Streets Leads to Drug Arrest

On April 1st, at about 7:30 am, callers contacted the Saanich Police about a young male dancing in the street in the rain at Pomona Way near Ash Road.

Witnesses observed a young male exit his silver BMW on Pomona Way and begin dancing and acting in a strange manner. He then proceeded to lie down also in the middle of the road, despite the rain.

When Patrol officers arrived they found the male back inside his vehicle with his bare feet sticking out the driver’s window getting wet listening to music. When questioned by officers, he became agitated and upset.

One of the officers who responded was a Drug Impaired Driving Expert. He conducted a physical assessment of the driver and his ability to operate a vehicle. The results did not prove the driver was intoxicated.

Patrol officers then conducted a search of the BMW and located 48 tablets of ecstasy. The driver was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The driver was identified as Joel Toevs, a 31 year old Saanich resident, who was found to be bound by a Conditional Sentence Order for past convictions. Toevs was also bound by a Probation Order.

Toevs was held in custody and appeared by Telebail before a Justice of the Peace and remanded to appear before a Provincial Court Judge yesterday. He was then further remanded until April 11th.


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