Boy Shoots Self With Pellet Gun

Yesterday a 12 year old was injured by his own pellet gun while shooting at targets in his yard.

The Saanich Police Communications Centre staff monitored a call for an ambulance to a residence in the 1300 block of Courtland ave. Two boys, aged 11 and 12 were using a pellet gun in the rear of the residence, with adult supervision nearby.

The 12 year old boy was trying to engage the safety and had placed the butt on the ground and then leaned over the rifle. Somehow his finger pulled the trigger rather than engaging the safety catch.

The boy sustained an injury where the pellet entered underneath his chin area. A CT scan did not reveal any pellet and it was felt by hospital staff that it may have been swallowed or had dropped out. The boy was released from hospital a short time later.

The pellet rifle, a .177 calibre, was turned over to the boy’s father for safe keeping.

Although pellet rifles are legal and readily available, they still constitute a dangerous weapon. Some knowledge of how to use and safe handling practices are important as well as close adult supervision.


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