Deadbolt Defeated

A Saanich Police Forensics Technician found a break-in that occurred by way of defeating a deadbolt.

On Thursday, May 5th, a break-in was reported to the Saanich Police by a resident in the 700 block of Blackberry Lane. The occupants had been away on a lengthy trip and returned to find that someone had been in their residence. They were sure that the door had been locked and found it was still locked upon returning.

Investigators were unsure how the culprit entered. A sharp-eyed Forensics Technician noticed a small mark on the door near the lock. He then removed the locking mechanism and handle for a further inspection.

The Technician learned that some type of tool, probably a screw driver had been forced down into the lock between the outer ring and the door itself. Then the locking mechanism was defeated by tripping part of the lock internally.

Items taken were your typical small electronics, including a laptop and an IPod.

Some suggestions to prevent break-ins in this manner are:

  • Make sure you have good quality lock sets that limit any tampering
  • Ensure your door is of decent quality ie: steel or solid wood
  • Inspect your locks regularly for any signs of external tampering
  • If the lock feels different when keying it, have it examined by a locksmith

If you have any doubts about the lock sets have them examined by a locksmith. The Saanich Police Crime Prevention section is an excellent resource if you have any questions.


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