Dog Handler and Partner Nab a Thief

At 3:30 am Monday, a Saanich Police K9 handler and his partner Bauer, spotted a suspicious male in a business area in the 3200 block of Tennyson Ave. The male was lurking in the shadows in a business area and provided only evasive answers when questioned. Apparently he also had difficulty providing his own name?!

A cursory search of him led to the discovery of some tools including screw drivers, pliers and scissors. This led to a more detailed search and the recovery of some other suspicious items including latex gloves, leather gloves, mail from a local business, some ‘bump’ keys and a flashlight. Bump keys are used by thieves to force locks open with the use of some tools.

Patrol officers then found that a nearby mail box had been pried and damaged, which is believed to be where the mail had been stolen from. In the mail seized, there was a company check valued over $1000.00.

The male suspect was identified with the help of a Victoria Police officer who provided a possible name. When the name was queried against the PRIME database it was found to be the suspect, who had provided all false information to the canine officer.

The suspect was also found to have two outstanding warrants for Possession of Stolen Property, one from the Saanich Police and the other from VicPD.

Arrested was Curtis Ryan Gilfillan, a 30 year old local male of no fixed address. Gilfillan is well know to police agencies in the province and has a history of property related offences. Suggested charges included Possession of B&E Tools, Theft of Mail and Possession of Stolen Property.

Gilfillan was held in custody and appeared before a Provincial Court Judge yesterday.


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