Three Arsons in the Same Block

Overnight May 19th, there were three small fires deliberately set in the same block on Burnside Rd.

Just after 2am, on Thursday, May 19th, Saanich Fire reported some deliberately set small fires in the 200 block of Burnside rd.

Three fires were set, two inside the interior of separate vehicles and a third to some materials under a deck. All three fires appeared to have burned themselves out and were found smoking by firefighters. Some type of accelerant was used in attempting to set these fires.

One of the vehicles damaged was parked at 12am the same morning. So the fires appear to have been set between midnight and about 2am.

These fires are being investigated by Saanich Police Detectives and the Saanich Fire Department Investigator. If anybody knows anything about these fires or saw something suspicious in the 200 blk of Burnside road west at the time, you are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police.

Residents in the area are encouraged to be mindful of combustible materials on their properties and to lock their vehicles.


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