Prospect Lake Mystery Boat Investigation

Saanich Fire personnel were contacted shortly before 5:30 this afternoon by a resident who lives on Prospect Lake.  The man reported that there was a small boat adrift on the lake with nobody on board.  Some fishing gear was visible inside the boat.  The man had first noticed the boat adrift and unoccupied about one hour earlier.

Saanich Fire and Saanich Police personnel immediately responded to the scene, arriving at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Shortly after the initial call, a second resident reported that she had also noticed the same boat on the lake.  She went out and confirmed that the boat was unoccupied.  She then towed the boat in and tied it up to her private dock.

Saanich Fire have launched a boat on the lake and a number of Saanich Police investigators are also on the scene.

The recovered boat is described as a sky blue 12 foot Baycrest aluminum with a grey Mariner 9.9 outboard motor and it contains several items of fishing gear.

Later in the evening about 8:30pm, Saanich Police were contacted by the boat owner. It appears that the boat somehow came loose from a private dock and drifted into the lake.

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