Update on Colquitz Park Investigation

At about 2:15pm yesterday, Saanich Police were contacted by a witness who, while walking in Colquitz park with his son, had discovered a body.

Saanich Police responded to the scene arriving at about 2:20pm. Initial responding officers determined that given the manner in which the deceased was found, the death was felt to be suspicious in nature.

The investigation continued well into the evening last night with Patrol Division officers and Forensic Technicians at the scene.

Updated Information:

Saanich Police Detectives and Forensic Technicians will be continuing to work at the park through today. The deceased was removed from the park late last night with the assistance of the BC Coroner Service.

The deceased is a Caucasian female, between 18-28 years of age. Her death is considered to be suspicious in nature.

An autopsy is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow in Vancouver. There is no confirmation on identity as of yet.

This investigation is in the early stages and there are still more questions than answers. Any potential risk to the public is difficult to establish given the absence of information. Until we know who the victim is and how she died it is difficult to conduct a thorough risk analysis.

Until there is more information, a heightened sense of vigilance and common sense surrounding your personal safety is suggested.

As more information becomes available we will do our utmost to update the public.


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