Do Not Come to the Police Station and Steal!

Yesterday morning, a Cops for Cancer coin drop box was noticed missing from the main counter of the Saanich Police Department Headquarters.

An officer became suspicious as to the whereabouts of the coin drop box and began to investigate. At first, the officer thought that the drop box may have been taken to be emptied as it had a significant amount of change in it.

When this was found to not be the case, she decided to view video captured at the front desk. It was quickly learned that the box went missing on Thursday morning, June 16th at about 10am.

Video at the front counter showed a woman acting in a suspicious manner. She initially came into the counter area, left, and then returned. This time she covered the box with her large purse and stole the box right out of the police station.

The video was viewed by the Saanich Police Crime Analyst and the woman was quickly identified as someone local and known to police.

‘It is disturbing that someone would come to the main counter of the Saanich Police Department and steal. It’s especially upsetting that this is money collected on behalf of kids with cancer in our community’, says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

This matter is still under investigation while the suspect in this theft is sought.


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