Child Left in a hot Car!

Yesterday afternoon, Saanich Police responded to a child found in a vehicle in obvious distress.

Yesterday at about 5:30pm, a caller contacted the Saanich Police about a child in a vehicle in the 100 block of Obed avenue.

The initial responding Patrol officer found a three year old girl in her safety seat locked in a blue Ford Escape. The child was in obvious distress and was crying.

The outside temperature was about 25 degrees Celsius. The officer found that a window was open a slight crack, enough that he was able to get his baton in the window and hit the door lock button.

As the child was being removed from the vehicle, the mother, a 31 year old Victoria resident, arrived on scene. Immediately upon removing the child, she was checked over by the BC Ambulance Service and found to be okay.

The Ministry of Children and Families After-Hours worker were contacted and also arrived to assist.

Charges are not being considered at this time and the matter is now turned over to the Ministry of Children and Families. The child was left with another family member.

The public is reminded that leaving children or animals in a locked vehicle in the sun is not appropriate. The internal temperature of a vehicle left in the sun can be well beyond the outside temperature. Situations like this one could be investigated as negligence contrary to the Criminal code.


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