Male Assaulted on Mt. Tolmie Yesterday

A male was assaulted by three people he knew on a pathway on Mt. Tolmie yesterday.

At about 3:30 pm yesterday, an assault that had occurred on a pathway on Mt. Tolmie was reported to the Saanich Police. The victim, a 24 year old Victoria resident, was attacked by three others that he knew. He was pepper sprayed and then assaulted but the injuries were minor in nature and mostly included the effects of having been pepper sprayed.

A vehicle description was obtained for the suspects and the vehicle matching that description was stopped at Quadra street and Tolmie ave at about 4pm by Patrol officers. The three suspects were taken into custody without incident.

The dispute appears to have started in Duncan which led to the attack yesterday on Mt. Tolmie. The victim appears to have been lured to the pathway on Mt. Tolmie not coerced or forced in any way.

The substance of the dispute between the victim and the three suspects is still under investigation.

Arrested were a 37 year old male and two 18 year old females all Duncan residents. Charges being considered by investigating officers include a count of Robbery as some items were alleged to have been taken during the course of the assault.

Given that this appears to have been a targeted attack and that the suspects have been arrested, there is no reason to believe that any Mt. Tolmie park users are at risk.


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