Who Wears a Balaclava in the Summer!

An alert Patrol officer spotted a male wearing a balaclava in the middle of the night while it was warm near the Dairy Queen at Quadra and McKenzie.

Just after 2am, an area Patrol officer noticed a suspicious male in the Dairy Queen parking lot at Quadra and McKenzie. Despite the warm weather, the male was wearing a balaclava, gloves, dark clothes and a hooded sweat shirt pulled up.

The male suspect was approached by the officer and it appeared like he wanted to flee. The suspect removed the balaclava and was asked for his name and identification. Of course, the male had no identification and gave police a false name.

Once another officer arrived, a search of the male was conducted and an IPhone was located. A check of the telephone number against police database records found the suspect’s real name.

Arrested was Carlton Best, 32 year old Saanich resident, well known to local police. The suspect was held for breaching a recognizance and a probation order. He will appear in provincial court sometime today.

Of interest, in almost the same location, at 2:45am, another Patrol officer spotted two males all in dark clothing crossing the road. Upon seeing the police vehicle both fled avoiding the officer.

The officer followed, trying to locate them, and where they were last seen at the rear of the TD Bank at Quadra and McKenzie, a stolen blue Dodge pick up was located.


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