Dog Handler’s ‘Spidey Senses’ Spot-on!

A VicPD canine officer in the 300 block of Gorge road, interrupted what she thought was a break-in to a business which had just occurred

At 2:30am yesterday, a Victoria Police canine officer saw what she thought were two suspects leaving the area of an insecure business at the corner of Gorge and Tillicum. Believing the two may have been responsible for a break-in at the business, they were stopped and assistance from Saanich was requested.

Saanich Police patrol officers arrived to assist and found that the male and female suspects were very well known to local police agencies.

When checked against police database records, the 31 year old male of no fixed address, was found to be in violation of a court imposed curfew from 10pm to 7am. He was arrested and searched. A search of his back pack revealed what was thought to be break-in tools including bolt cutters, pry bar and gloves.

The second suspect, a 19 year old female of no fixed address, had two outstanding warrants issued by the courts. Both warrants were a result of providing false names to police in previous interactions.

The police dog was used to ensure that the insecure business was free of any other suspects. Investigation by officers at the scene revealed that it had simply been left insecure accidentally.


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