Drywaller Scam Alert

The Saanich Police Fraud Section is investigating multiple frauds done by two different companies associated to the same contractor. The companies are doing business by the names Mac Drywall, and Cut Rite Drywall.

The target for these companies appears to be the small homeowner jobs. Often the company is hired by way of Craigs List, Used Victoria and local newspaper adds. The contractor shows up and agreements are made and a deposit is requested, usually for materials purchased.

After that, either a minimal amount of unsatisfactory work is done or the contractor never returns. Calls then go un-returned or there are excuses like: ‘…I broke a toe…’, ‘…I had a death in the family…’.

With a quick internet search, it was revealed that there are nine complaints to the BBB and the company has an ‘F’ rating. So far, 5-6 complaints with a value from hundreds to over a thousand dollars are being investigated by the Saanich Police.

When hiring a contractor, there are several internet tools available on line. Some tips are:

  • Ask for references. If it is a reputable company they will have a list. Then go and check with references and see work that has been done.
  • Checking your local BBB can reveal a history for the company doing business locally.
  • Simple internet search reveals different forums where complaints may have been registered against the company.
  • Where a contractor on a small job wants money to purchase materials, offer to purchase it and have it delivered for the worker.

If you feel you have been victimized, contact Cst. Karen Phillips of the Saanich Police Fraud Section at 250-475-4377, regardless of where you may live.


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