New Driver and a Fast Car

Early yesterday morning, a new driver was caught doing 163km on the Pat Bay Hwy. His vehicle was impounded and he was given an Excessive Speeding ticket.

Around 1:30am yesterday, a Saanich Police Patrol officer was monitoring speeds on the 4000 block of the Pat Bay Hwy near McKenzie ave, while writing his evening reports. Traffic was very light as might be expected for that time.

Long before the officer could see the speeding car, he heard a vehicle coming at a high rate of speed south bound towards McKenzie ave on the highway. The speed of the car, caught on laser, was confirmed at an astounding 163 km per hour, more than twice the limit of 80km per hour.

“The speed which this young man was driving is unbelievable. At that speed your reaction time to an impending collision is greatly reduced to fractions of seconds,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

Impounded was the driver’s mother’s car, a 1993 Lexus. A violation ticket for Excessive Speeding, valued at $483 dollars was issued to the new driver. The 18 year old Saanich resident was picked up by his parents.


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