Dog that bit officer located

Late in the day yesterday the dog that bit a Saanich Police officer on Saturday night was located and humanely destroyed.

Last Saturday evening, a Saanich officer was bit by an 80lb dog in the 1000 block of Tolmie ave. He sustained serious injuries to his left arm requiring stitches and ongoing treatment.

The next day when police arrived at the house on other unrelated matters, It was found that the dog had been moved elsewhere. Given the public safety concerns, Saanich Animal Control Inspectors continued an investigation into the whereabouts and history for the dog.

As part of their investigation, Inspectors confirmed that there had been a second prior incident where the dog had attacked a woman in the View Royal area. Injuries sustained to the woman required medical attention and stitches.

Yesterday, with the full cooperation of the owner, the dog was located in the 800 block of Rock Bay ave in Victoria. Saanich Police officers and Pound Inspectors along with Victoria Police officers went to the residence where the dog was located.

With the agreement of the owner, the animal was turned over to the custody of Saanich Pound Inspectors. Late in the day yesterday, the dog was humanely euthanized. The investigation into this incident is now concluded.


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