Dangerous Halloween Hijinx

A jogger at UVic was injured when a pumpkin was tossed at her on Thursday evening.

Saanich Police are investigating a serious mischief which led to injuries. On Thursday evening, Sept. 22nd, a UVic student jogging on ring road was struck by a pumpkin tossed from a moving truck. This caused her to lose her footing and fall causing scrapes on her shin and elbow.

The 19 year old UVic student reported the incident to UVic Security who contacted the

The pumpkin was tossed from a moving truck on Ring Road at UVic. The truck had anywhere from 2-6 people in it and laughing could be heard as it drove off.  The victim was not able to obtain a license plate or a good description of the truck.

If anybody has any information about this incident, or if you were a passenger in that truck and are not comfortable with what happened, you are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321.


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