Saanich Police Dogs are Recognized

The four legged unsung heroes of the department are recognized.

Today, the Chief Constable of the Saanich Police presented each serving police dog with their own badge. This honour will finally recognize these hard working animals as full members of the police department.

Daily, these dogs live up to their motto of loyalty, trust and courage. They have served our community with distinction since 1962. There is also a strong tradition of champion dogs who have won many provincial and national champions.

This recognition for these dogs, comes on the heels of recently created provincial legislation that mandates a penalty of up to a $75,000 fine and/or two years in jail for any person convicted of interfering or harming a police service dog.

This legislation was spearheaded by Constable Jason Whittaker, a Saanich Police canine officer, who worked countless hours on his own time to raise the matter with the SPCA, the College of Veterinarians and the provincial government.

These animals risk their lives every day in the service of our community and ask for nothing in return other than the companionship and approval of their handler.

Learn more about the Saanich Police canine section at the following link:

Saanich Police Canine

Saanich Police dogs: Taz, Brock, Panzer and Zeke receive their badges.


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