Purdie Shooting Investigation Results are Released

Wednesday afternoon, the results of the investigation done by the Saanich Police Major Crimes Detectives were released.

At 11pm, March 2nd, 2011, a lethal force encounter occurred between a Surrey RCMP officer and Adam Brian PURDIE, a 28 year old Surrey resident. E Division RCMP requested that a fully external review of the incident be conducted by the Saanich Police. Major Crimes Detectives arrived on scene in the early morning hours of March 3rd, 2011.

The findings of the investigation revealed that PURDIE had armed himself with an assault rifle and had made some threatening and suicidal comments in the days and hours leading up to the encounter.

PURDIE was initially stopped at 10:45pm on March 2nd, in the South Surrey area. The officer who stopped PURDIE saw the firearm and PURDIE fled in his vehicle. PURDIE was next encountered at the intersection of Highway #10 and King George Highway.

PURDIE avoided a spike belt and struck two civilian vehicles at the intersection before being forced off the road by the RCMP officer. PURDIE then proceeded to point the assault rifle at the officer whose vehicle had been immobilized. The officer withdrew his pistol and began firing at PURDIE.

PURDIE sustained significant wounds to his upper body and unfortunately was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The conclusion of detectives was that the officer’s use of lethal force was justified and appropriate given the situation. No charges have been recommended in this matter.

The officer involved is a 7yr General Duty Patrol officer who now works in a different province.


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