Park users cautioned

Local park users are once again cautioned about vehicles being entered at local parks.

Two recent incidents of concern occurred at Mt. Doug park on Nov. 3rd, 2011:

At about 5pm, a vehicle was entered on Glendenning rd, which is a side entrance to Mt. Doug park. A window was smashed and a leather handbag was taken from under the front seat. Lost was wallet and ID, cell phone and other small items. Total value of the items taken was over $400.00.

At about 4pm, another auto was found to have been entered on Churchill dr, another entrance into Mt. Doug park. Again, the front passenger window had been smashed and taken from inside the vehicle was a back pack and a down jacket. The items were valued at over $400.00.

Investigators believe that park users may be under observation when they park their cars. This belief is based upon the fact that in several of these incidents high value items that were hidden in the car were taken. Thieves are believed to be watching when someone attempts to hide something under a seat or move it to the trunk prior to using the park.

Park users are reminded to not leave purses or bags in their vehicles, carry them with you or leave them at home. If you are jogging, leave your wallet at home and carry your ID on your person.

If anybody sees a person acting suspicious in parking lots at local parks, they are encouraged to contact police.


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