Recent rash of deer incidents

The Saanich Police and the BC Conservation Service are actively investigating the illegal poaching of deer in the community.

There have been several incidents involving deer in Saanich in the past week:

Nov. 6th– a deer was dispatched by an officer who observed a possible arrow wound in the 1400 block of Edgemont rd.

Nov. 10th– a buck was found with the antlers removed on Willis Point rd.

Nov. 12th– a homeowner located two separate arrows on his property in the 1500 block of Ash rd

Nov. 13th– a buck with an obvious arrow in it’s chest was seen in the 100 block of Petworth rd.

Park and trail users in the community are encouraged to contact police if they see suspicious activity. For instance,

• someone seen entering or leaving a trail area all dressed in camouflage clothing;

• anybody seen carrying an obvious bow

• someone seen carrying odd equipment or large bags for a walk in the forest

The public is encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour to police. If it is felt that it is an immediate safety issue, please contact 9-1-1. To report suspicious behaviour or activities please contact the non-emergency line at 250-475-4321.


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