Strip mall break-ins

Saanich Police are investigating three separate strip mall break-ins.

Since October 24th, three separate, yet similar, business attacks have been recorded in Saanich. Of concern, the three premises targeted were all located in older strip mall locations.

Nov. 13th- 3200 block Douglas street: hole had been cut through dry wall to access a computer store. It appears the alarm activation scared off the thieves.

Oct. 26th- 3300 block Burns ave: point of entry was the front door which had been forced. The alarm then had been ripped from its housing and deactivated.

Oct. 24th- 100 block Burnside rd west: a service room door had been pried. Thieves then entered the false ceiling area and entered an adjacent business.

There are some similarities between all three break-ins. Saanich Police Forensic investigators are hard at work trying to identify culprits. Adjacent stores have been canvassed for video evidence by investigators.

Business owners are warned to review their security procedures.

• Make sure your alarm system is up to date and working properly.

• Review your alarm activation procedures with your monitoring company.

• Ensure your premises are lit well at night.

• Check that your locks are sufficient.

If you have questions about your security arrangements please contact the Saanich Police Community Liaison office at 250-475-4321.


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