Drunk arrested twice in the same night

A drunk driver arrested by IRSU earlier in the evening, was later arrested by Saanich Police officers for causing a disturbance.

Just after 6pm, Friday, November 18th, a driver was stopped by members of the Integrated Road Safety Unit at a roadblock after leaving a local pub. The driver, a 28year old male from Mission, had an odour of liquor about him. A roadside breath demand was made but the driver refused to provide a sample.

The driver became agitated and belligerent swearing at officers. Two officers physically restrained the driver who proceeded to yell and taunt them into a confrontation. A dose of pepper spray was then used to arrest the driver who was then taken to Saanich Police headquarters and locked up.

About two hours later, after the male had calmed down, he was served with a driving prohibition and documents to attend court in January. He was then released from custody.

Apparently the male went straight back to the pub he had been at previously. About an hour and a half later, a taxi was stopped by a Saanich Police roadblock in the same area. In the back of the taxi, the same male began yelling and swearing at officers and taunting them in the same manner. The male then mentioned he had a knife to the officer. He was once again taken into custody and had to be restrained by two officers.

The male was taken back to the Saanich Police lockup, where he spent the rest of the night, not without incident. He began punching the cell video cameras, sprinkler head and door. He also encouraged the other prisoners in the lockup to cause a ruckus as well. This led to all the prisoners to behave in a similar manner.

Charges include assaulting a peace officer, refusing a breath sample, a driving prohibition and violation tickets.


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