Hamburger assault

An unruly customer, upset about his six burgers, threw the bag at the manager.

At about 8pm Friday evening, Nov. 18th, 2011, Saanich Police were called to the Cedar Hill X Mcdonalds as a result of an unruly customer. The responding officer located the male in the parking lot and arrested him.

The investigation revealed that the male had initially gone through the drive through to get his six hamburgers. He was unhappy with his order and returned, this time entering the restaurant.

The manager quickly remade the order for the customer who then tested it prior to leaving. Again the customer was unhappy with the temperature of the burgers, took one bite and spit it out. Then he threw the bag of burgers at the manager.

Arrested was a 45 year old Saanich male in the parking lot area. Charges being considered are assault and causing a disturbance for the ruckus in the store.


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