Don’t run over roadkill

Saturday night, a Saanich driver was in for a surprise after running over a deer.

Saturday evening, Nov. 26th, 2011, at about 8pm, an incident involving a deceased deer was reported to the Saanich Police. A Saanich resident driving on the Pat Bay highway near Sayward, struck a deceased buck in the roadway in her Honda Fit.

After striking the deer, her car began to make unusual noises. She continued home to Cordova Bay before realizing that the buck had become wedged underneath her vehicle. Not being able to remove the unfortunate animal from her vehicle, the Saanich Police were called.

The responding Traffic Safety Unit officer quickly realized that he was unable to remove the animal as well. A local tow operator was contacted to come and assist. The vehicle had to be raised before the buck dropped clear, having had a horn caught up in the axel area.

The public is encouraged to contact the Saanich Police if they encounter a deceased animal on the roadway that may be a danger to traffic. Do not stop and attempt to remove the animal, putting yourself in a dangerous situation. It is also suggested that you avoid a collision with any deceased animals on the roadway to avoid similar issues.


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