Waving child earns dad a ticket

Yesterday afternoon at about 1:30pm, witnesses reported an unrestrained child in a vehicle on the Trans Canada highway. Saanich Police dispatched officers to intercept the car.

A Traffic Safety Unit officer pulled in behind the white Honda Odyssey van on Blanshard street near Cloverdale avenue, a short time later. The officer immediately noticed an 18 month old child in the very rear of the van waving at him from the window. The officer waved back and then put on the emergency lights.

The driver, a 27 year old Saanich resident, was stopped and initially claimed the child was restrained properly. Inside the vehicle, the officer saw a proper child safety restraint in the rear seat.

A violation ticket for having an improperly restrained passenger was issued, which included a fine of $109.00.

Remember, the only safe place for a toddler is in an approved, properly restrained seat. If you have questions, please go to ICBC’s web page or contact the Saanich Police Traffic Safety Unit.


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