Thief loses foot race to police

Sunday afternoon, a thief entered the Ukranian Cultural Centre and made off with valuables belonging to dancers who were practicing.

On Sunday afternoon, just after 2pm, a male entered the Ukranian Cultural Centre in the 3200 block of Douglas street. The male was seen heading into the women’s washroom and was confronted coming out. He quickly left and the witness went to check and confirmed that a theft had occurred.

Saanich Police were called and responded to the scene with multiple officers. A male which appeared to match the description provided by the caller was stopped in the underground parking lot near the Staples store.

As officers moved in to handcuff the suspect he proceeded to flee on foot. One of the officers, a canine handler, proceeded to remotely open his vehicle door to allow the dog to pursue the thief. The dog took off after the suspect but was called back when the suspect ran in the direction of multiple shoppers.

Officers on foot continued to pursue the suspect and caught him at the intersection of Cloverdale and Douglas street. Charges of Theft and Escape Lawful Custody are being prepared by investigators. The suspect is a 25 year old Saanich resident who was not well known to police in the area.

The victims were teens practicing their dance. Taken were items like Ipods, Iphones and wallets. All the items were recovered in the area of where the suspect was first encountered.


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