The Grinch…

At about 2am, Dec. 30th, Saanich Police were called to the 1500 block of Brodick crescent. The caller had awoken to a loud bang and breaking glass at his residence.

When the homeowner went to investigate, he saw that the front door had been kicked-in and the window broken. He then saw a male hiding behind his Christmas tree. When confronted, the male suspect tried to flee out the back door but was caught and restrained on the ground by the homeowner

Patrol officers arrived to find the homeowner was still restraining the suspect who was screaming for help from officers. The male suspect, a 27 year old Saanich resident, was arrested by officers and escorted from the residence.

The suspect was found to be highly intoxicated and later had to be taken to the hospital for his own well-being.

The next morning the male was released on a promise to appear to attend court in the near future. When interviewed prior to his release, the male had no recollection of events of the night before.

Support of the Greater Victoria Victim Services was offered to the occupants.


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