Overnight cougar sightings

There were two overnight sightings of cougars in Saanich, one on Cordova ridge and the other near Tillicum and the TransCanada highway.

At about 8:45pm last night, Saanich Police were contacted by a citizen who reported seeing a young cougar in the 800 Block of Seamist Place. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the cougar, however, it is felt to be a credible sighting.

At about 4:20am this morning, Police received a report of a cougar sighting in the 100 block of Battleford Avenue. The complainant observed the cougar cross the TransCanada Highway and proceed into the residential area to the north/east of the highway.

Responding Saanich Police officers actually spotted the cougar on several occasions in the area but were unable to isolate it to a specific location. It is believed that given the different geographical locations and the differences in the reported size of the animals, that these are two separate cats.

The BC Conservation Service was notified of these sightings.

Increased awareness about these animals and potential dangers to small domestic animals and children is suggested. An excellent resource is the BC Conservation Service web page. Here is a link to information about cougars:



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