Another copper theft

Yesterday afternoon, a sizeable copper wire theft was reported to the Saanich Police.

Thursday afternoon at about 4pm, BC Hydro reported a copper theft to the Saanich Police. The theft occurred from underground services in the 4000 block of Borden street, near McKenzie ave.

The wire taken is 1″ copper wire strand about 300 meters in length. The weight is significant, at about three thousand pounds. The overall value of the copper wire is $10,000.00. Given the size and weight, it is believed that the theft requires more than one person, a truck and possibly some equipment.

BC Hydro also found that there was other services cut at a second location at McKenzie ave and Century road.

Recently there have been some thefts of BC Hydro clothing taken from work vehicles. It is suspected that thieves may be disguising themselves with the official apparel when they are stealing the wire.

Saanich Police are appealing to the public to be vigilant. If you notice what appears to be ‘BC Hydro’ crews working in your neighbourhood at odd hours when there is no obvious outage, please contact your local police.


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