Ongoing UVIC break-in investigation

Late Wednesday afternoon a former UVIC student reported a fraud to her account.

Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 11th, 2012, a past UVIC employee contacted the Saanich Police to say her account had been compromised for a large amount of money. Detectives confirmed Thursday that this fraud victim’s personal data was included in the missing information from the UVIC break-in over the weekend.

Thursday, detectives were working with security officials for the fraud victim’s financial institution. Detectives are awaiting confirmation on how and where the fraud occurred. As of yet, there is no conclusive link between the fraud and the theft at UVIC, however, it is believed the two incidents may be connected.

If you are or have been an employee of the University of Victoria since January 2010, you are requested to contact your financial institution to initiate preventative measures. Detectives have concerns that with the personal data that has been stolen, there may be enough information to access accounts online or by telephone banking.

Becoming a victim of identity theft can lead to consequences that go on for an extended period of time. It can impact the ability to gain further credit and cause financial issues well into the future.

If anybody knows anything about the break-in that occurred Saturday evening, Jan. 7th, at the UVIC Administration building, you are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police or Crimestoppers.


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