Awkward ‘bulge’ leads to drugs

Last evening, officers spotted a car whose owner was known to have curfew conditions.

Early this morning, at about 12:30 am, three Saanich patrol officers were parked at the Mac’s store at Craigflower and Admirals. One of the officers spotted a car that he recognized when it pulled into the store lot. The officer knew that the owner of the car was bound by curfew conditions and should not be out.

Officers contacted the driver and requested his driver license. At that time, an officer spotted a drug pipe protruding from his pants. Police database queries showed the driver was not to be in possession of any non-prescription drugs.

The driver, a 21 year old Langford male, was arrested for violations of his release conditions. A search of the vehicle, resulted in officers finding scales and some empty baggies, thought to have previously contained drugs.

The driver was returned to cells where he was searched more thoroughly. The officer conducting the search found an unusual ‘bulge’ in the boxer shorts of the suspect.

Hidden in the boxers, was a plastic prescription bottle (in the name of the suspect) which contained ten different packages of drugs believed to be cocaine and meth.

Charges of possession of a substance for the purpose of trafficking are being prepared. The suspect was released with a court date and even more conditions.


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