Concern about a ‘wolf dog’ at Beaver Lake

Reports concerning a ‘wolf dog’ that frequents Beaver Lake appear to have been blown out of proportion.

At about 4pm on Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012, officers were called to the dog area of Beaver Lake park. The call was surrounding a dispute between dog owners using the park. The dispute stemmed from the behaviour of one of the animals which led to threatening comments made by both owners.

Concern about this particular animal was that it may be part wolf. Apparently there is no confirmation of that and it is just as likely a Husky cross breed, according to Pound investigators.

No charges resulted from this incident as the investigators felt both dog owners to be at fault. The dog did not display any concerning behaviour as noted by Saanich officers.

Apparently since this incident, there has been an active social media and web based campaign about this animal. One posting to a local web page instructs people to ‘call the Saanich Police’ if they see this animal. This has caused an undue number of calls to the communication centre tying up resources.

Pound investigators are aware of the animal and have no concerns. The dog has not been linked to any specific incident of aggression. In fact, there have been many calls of support for this particular animal from the local dog community.


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