Saanich Police support bill C30

The Saanich Police, as members of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, endorse the proposed legislation bill C30.

Members of our community are encouraged to research the issues and get past the hyperbole. The laws surrounding these types of investigations have not been modernized since 1975, the days of the rotary phone.

“It has never been the intention that these proposed amendments would be enacted to intrude into the lives of average Canadians. Rather, they are needed to address the very real roadblocks police encounter everyday while investigating child abuse, drug trafficking and organized crime offences,” says Saanich Police Chief Constable Mike Chadwick.

Below are some links to assist in helping people understand the legislation in its entirety.

View the web page of the Canadian Association of the Chiefs of Police which has a media release:

View a detailed circular which will answer many questions in plain language:

Watch the video of the news conference given by Vancouver Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke:

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