Break-ins result in prison sentences

Sentences were handed down by the courts in two recent Saanich cases.

Over last summer, multiple break-ins occurred, some which included second floor attacks. These offences occurred throughout the CRD but largely in the Oak Bay and Saanich border area in the Cadboro Bay district.

Convicted for multiple offences was Christopher Lee Schwartz, a 41 year old Saanich resident.

The sentence handed down totalled an aggregate 5 years of Federal prison encompassing multiple break and enter and drug offences. Schwartz was also ordered to submit DNA to the databank.

This successful investigation involved the Saanich Police Street Crime Unit, the Regional Crime Unit and the Oak Bay Police.

Here is the link to the original press release.

Original press release

On August 10th, 2011, thieves entered the Mt. Doug Market after forcing a rear door. Unfortunately for them, they were caught on covert internal store video.

Convicted are two Victoria residents, Jerrod Kennedy, 28 years, and Leo Lepine, 44 years, for multiple break-in related offences.

Lepine received a 4.5 year term in prison with 6 months credit for time served. Kennedy received a two year sentence, less 1 month credit for time served. Both have to submit DNA to the databank.

Original press release

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