Learner driver fails to make his test

Tuesday afternoon, a Traffic Safety Unit officer stopped a driver who was on his way to his driving exam.

On March 6th, 2012, at around 1pm, a Traffic Safety Unit officer spotted a vehicle that had briefly crossed the centre line on McKenzie ave near Rainbow street. He stopped the truck and spoke to the driver. Based on his observations, he immediately suspected that the driver had been using some kind of drug.

The learner driver admitted to using prescription drugs. As a result, the 32 year old Victoria resident was issued a 24 hour suspension.

As a result of having a learners license, the driver required a qualified supervisor in the vehicle. This led to the officer speaking with the passenger and checking his driving license, only to find that the supervisor was prohibited from driving! This led to the driver being issued a violation ticket for driving contrary to the restrictions on his license with a penalty of $109.00.

The driver’s truck was towed from the scene and impounded.

The officer was shocked to learn that the driver was in fact on his way to take his driving exam at the ICBC Drivers Centre.


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