Saanich Police unveil their new strategic plan

This afternoon, Saanich Police Chief Constable Mike Chadwick unveiled the new Saanich Police Strategic plan. The plan includes 15 key strategic priorities which will guide how the Saanich Police do business as we move forward in the coming years.

We are very proud of the document you have before you. It represents a promise to the community that the Saanich Police will do all that is possible to ensure that those who live, work and play in Saanich can do so in safety,” says Chief Constable Mike Chadwick.

Read the 2012-2016 Saanich Police Strategic Plan:

2012-2016 Strategic Plan

Being released along with the strategic plan are the 2012 yearly initiatives. This year there are 106 initiatives undertaken by all the various divisions of the department. These initiatives, governed by the 15 key strategic priorities, will be supported with quarterly updates. The first update will be posted in April. Read the 2012 initiatives:

2012 Initiatives

The 2011 initiatives have been released with the updates as to the status of each initiative. Read the 2011 accomplishments:

2011 Accomplishments

All these documents will remain available on the web page under the ‘Public Information’ tab.

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