New reserve constables hit the streets

This week a new class of reserve constables graduated.

Saturday afternoon, a parade was held to celebrate the graduation of a new class of Saanich Police and Oak Bay Police reserve constables.

These 26 new officers are from all walks of life including private business, government employees and even a baker. Many want to go on to a policing career. Many just want to volunteer their services to their community in a unique fashion.

These officers are about to hit the streets and serve our community in many different ways. Reserve constables support our Patrol Division members in riding along with regular officers. Other duties see them at many of our Saanich public events directing traffic or helping in other ways.

To complete their training, these officers had to undergo over 200 hundred hours of training over a 6 month period. The subjects included legal training, arrest and control tactics, patrol tactics, tactical communication, traffic enforcement and others. After successful completion of all requisite testing, these officers are sworn in as Special Municipal Constables and have Peace Officer status in B.C.

Read the poignant words of Reserve Constable Sean Kay, class valedictorian and a project manager:

Good Afternoon ,

On behalf of the reserve constable class of 2011, I would like to welcome everyone here today. Honored guests, Chief Chadwick, Chief Fisher, regular members, friends and family. I would like to start by saying a most sincere thank you to all of our friends and family for being here today. I can speak for our entire class by saying that without your continuous support throughout the duration of our training this day could not be possible as I’m sure there would be no recruits left standing to watch.

I would like to thank the Saanich Police Department and its members both regular and reserve for the countless hours they have spent over the last six months instructing,

training and providing us with the knowledge and experience to be successful not only as reserve constables but in every facet of our personal and professional lives.

As I stand here today looking out towards all of you that have helped us get so far and all of those that have pushed us so hard to get to this point, I am reminded that as a class we are a reflection. Before we entered in to this program many months ago we were all a reflection of our life experiences to that point and the people that influenced us along the way. Those people to name a few include friends, bosses, loved ones and obviously family. Now , six months later, we are still a reflection…but of a newer much larger family. One of over 200 brothers and sisters who just like my own siblings I would do absolutely anything to support and protect.

It became very clear early on in our training that when we wear this uniform we are not only a reflection of the Saanich Police Department but the people that every member is sworn to serve. I can guarantee that what this uniform represents and more importantly who this uniform represents is something that will never be lost on us.

It may sounds philosophical but I do believe that the true measure of a successful police department should not be based on the number of arrests per year but on the lack of necessity of their services with regards to the level of crime in their community and also the esteem in which members of the public hold them in. As reserve constables being at the forefront of community based policing it is our job to make sure my previous statement rings truer than ever.

On behalf of my entire class I would like to ask you as members of the community that you please hold us to a higher standard, ask more of us as people and police officers, expect us to be honorable and just in our duties…and that is what you shall receive. Expect us to be great…..fore that is what we expect of ourselves.

Thank you

R.Cst. Sean Kay


The 2011 Saanich and Oak Bay Police grad class:



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