Not an April Fool’s prank

Early Sunday morning, a passing motorist on Cedar Hill road, spotted a man with a gun chasing three other males.

Just before 2am, Sunday morning, a witness reported seeing a man with a gun chasing three other males in the 3600 block of Cedar Hill road. Multiple patrol officers and a K9 officer were deployed into the area. Despite containment and a search with the dog, no suspects were located.

A residence where the gunman emerged was identified in the 3600 block of Cedar Hill road. Officers contained the residence for about 90 minutes until it was determined that nobody was home.

The next day, officers interviewed a resident of the house and determined that the firearm had been a replica. As it turns out, the 22 year old resident was in the driveway practicing martial arts when words were exchanged with three males passing by. The resident then retrieved a replica handgun and chased the three males down the street.

Two replica firearms were retrieved from the residence by officers. Given the cooperation of the resident and the absence of any victim in this particular incident, charges are not being pursued at this time.

“This is another example of a witness easily mistaking a replica firearm for a real firearm. Unfortunately, responding officers are forced to assume the firearm is real and respond accordingly,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.


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