Dangerous MC run

Last week, a video posted to Youtube was brought to the attention of a Saanich Traffic Safety Unit officer. It shows a rider operating a Yamaha MC at 299 kmh!

When the video was reviewed by the investigator, it was found to have occurred on the Trans Canada Highway. It started just north of McKenzie ave and goes to the Millstream road exit.

The driving behaviour displayed on the video is extremely dangerous. The rider is seen to be weaving in and out of traffic and travelling up the lane dividing line.

At those speeds, with an excellent reaction time of 1 second, the bike would travel hundreds of meters before the rider could make a steering correction or hit the brakes.

The video has now gone viral from 4000 views to over 16000. Many of the comments are critical of the actions taken by the rider. Here is a link to the video:


The Saanich Police are seeking witnesses to this driving incident. If you were traveling the Trans Canda Highway and witnessed this motorcycle driving past you at a high rate of speed, please contact the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321. Investigators believe it occurred prior to April 7th, when the video was posted.


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