He didn’t get far

An 18 year old man from the Lake Cowichan area will be charged with criminal mischief after causing significant damage to a moviegoer’s vehicle in Saanich late Saturday night.

The moviegoer and car owner was a 17 year old Prince George man. He had parked his brand new Honda Civic just outside the SilverCity cinemas. When he returned to his car he found that someone had thrown a large piece of cinderblock concrete through the rear windshield. The side mirrors were bent and there were running shoe impressions on another window from someone’s unsuccessful attempts to kick the window out.

The car owner spotted a very intoxicated man who was passed out and lying on the front hood of a nearby vehicle. The drunk man stirred briefly and then moved himself into the back seat of the other vehicle – where he promptly passed out again.

Police arrived but were unable to rouse the drunk man. The doors were all locked therefore police had to break one of the windows in order to arrest him. His running shoe treads were a match to the impressions found on the Civic.

Police found that the drunk man’s friends were all sober and had been watching a movie together. The 18 year old will be appearing in Victoria Provincial Court in early June charged with Mischief Under $5000.


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